Binh Duong University "in an effort to build and develop open education"

On 24 September, 1997, Binh Duong University was established by the Decision No. 791/TTg of the Prime Minister.
       After over 13 years of construction and development, Binh Duong University has undergone many ups and downs with tireless efforts, gradually became the University of multidisciplinary, multi-level training with various training methods : Full time regular training program, Part-time training program, Distance education. The training scale expanded from a few hundred students in the early years, Nowadays, there are more than 35,000 students attending the training program of the University with training levels: Master of Science, Higher education, college , intermediate level with more than 30 majors and there have been over 9,000 graduates until now, most graduates have a job, meeting the recruitment requirements of employers, many students have gained good position in their work and contributed to society by the capability and wisdom inherited from Binh Duong University.

         With a view : education belongs to everyone, is by everyone and for everyone, everyone has an equal right to enjoy the education. Binh Duong University is taking steps in the implementation of open education policies issued by the Party and the President - Ho Chi Minh. This mission was also determined by the group of school scientists in the building and development strategies of Binh Duong University which was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education and Training.

The US Consulate General visits Binh Duong University and picture taking near the training philosophy

The open training program was organized on the principle of education, including L-A-U-A (“4-H” ):

Learning – Asking – Understanding - Applying 

(Học - Hỏi - Hiểu – Hành)

Learning in order to know how to learn.

Learning to know how to ask.

Asking to learn, asking to understand ( gathering information, processing information, exploiting information)

Understanding correctly is the only way to apply knowledge correctly.

Correct application of knowledge is the only way to effectiveness.

"Learn - Ask - Understand - Act"

This is also the platform principle for the University to build training methods "Co-learning" which means both students and teachers learn together.

       With the clear philosophy, attitudes, objectives with the appropriate policy. Binh Duong University is attracting more and more domestic and foreign highly qualified scientists, many involved in cultural education, scientific research of the University. Not only reducing input recruitment overload condition for the public universities, but Binh Duong University also moves towards to become "Supermarket of Knowledge" to everyone, by everyone, for everyone. To do that, the University had to build a team of 650 lecturers and scientific staff highly experienced in all areas of expertise and teaching. Science and Education Council of the university includes 55 Professors, Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of Sciences, Associate professors, Masters of Science. In addition, there are some foreign Academician also invited into the University's advisory board.

      In June, 2007, Binh Duong University was assigned to train Masters of Sciences by the Prime Minister. So far the University has trained three courses with 150 students attending courses and the first master class presented and defended thesis and is pending graduation. Acccording to the plan, 4th Master course in Binh Duong University will be opened in the early September, 2011 with the expected number of 150 students. Besides, the University has joint training programs with Benedictine University - United States and Assumption University – Thailand to train master programs at the University with their degree.  

      In order to build brand name through training quality, serious examinations, tests, reviews, right from the beginning, the University has built the test center to form a multiple choise test bank and gradually computerizes the process of examinations, tests so that training assessment ensures objectivity and fairness, high training quality in the output. The policy of the University is not give priority to the quantity, the University always maintains the principle : "only qualified students can graduate from the university". Therefore, the number of graduates increases every year.

      In addition, for the last few years Binh Duong University has also strengthened training cooperation with domestic and foreign universities. The University has developed cooperative relationships with more than 30 Institutes, centers, training schools, manufacturing units, domestic companies and factories and tens of  Universities in the U.S, China, Korea, Thailand, Russia ... there has been over 20 staff and students attending training programs in the U.S, China and Korea. Most recently, the University has 02 staff who successfully defended their Masters thesis at Surindra Rajabhat University - Thailand and the University of Saint Petersburg - Russia. Every year, the University holds several seminars chaired by experts from other countries to exchange experience in training management, scientific research, many groups of students from the U.S, China, Thailand visited to exchange with students of the University ...

Signing ceremony with foreign partners  

     With a span of more than 13 years of operation. It is not a long history with a university, but from a university with poor facilities, Binh Duong University has tried to develop in order not to hire facilities like other non-public universities. This shows the determination of School Board to overcome difficulties during the past few years. The facilities of the university is constantly invested to meet the requirements of teaching and learning. The university has invested in building over 35,000 m2 of classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, libraries,  25 laboratories for the Electrical – Electronics faculty, Biotechnology faculty, Construction faculty, Informatics faculty, Business Administration faculty. Cultural,  sports facilities for students have been built with a total value of over 50 billion. It is expected that in November 2011, the University will open and put to use a Branch of Binh Duong University in Ca Mau with a total investment of 50 billion.

     Studying at Binh Duong University, students are not only trained to get expertise on, but the University always creates an opportunity for students to develop skills in arts, physical education and sports. The University has established with the student theater with movies, music, drama, folk song clubs which operate monthly, quarterly basis. This is an opportunity for students to exchange with famous artists such as Prof. Dr. Tran Van Khe, the People's Artist Tran Hieu, Artists Ly Bach Hue ... The previous establishment of the culture media center aims at developing training programs with a focus on culture for students, students of the University.
  Dormitory system is a model of dormitory socialization called the "Three in One" by media, Three means : State - wards, universities and people serve for students. The university has contracted over 30 facilities with more than 1,000 rooms sufficient for accommodation of 4000 students.

     Through socialization, Binh Duong University has thoughts and makes practical action, consistent with national circumstances, which is supported by state leaders and people, as Prof. the People’s Artist. Tran Van Rich reviewed in the letter sent to the university on the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration of the University: "The stable development of the University demonstrates that people and friends, organizations are more likely not to support good deed, but give direct assistance to teach high levels. It is clear that where people and friends share the support, burden is removed. in fact universities have to prove themselves worthy to receive the supportt. "  

    13-year span  is not long compared to the history of a university, but what Binh Duong University obtained in recent years have demonstrated a degree of merit that the Prime Minister gave to the University and the greetings from of the President of Binh Duong People’s committee in the flag picture on the occasion of founding anniversary

  "Binh Duong University
                    Dynamic, creative and effective in building open education "  

       With the platform philosophy, perspective, concept and principles which were contributed by many foreign and local scientists, Binh Duong University will always be loyal to the principles and objectives outlined: "Support inquisitive spirit, enhance self-training ability, commit to improving people's educational standard, train personnel resource and foster talents for the social development of Vietnam "- Determination to build a open education, actively contributing to creating a learning society.