Science and Training Conference at Binh Duong University

On November 28th, 2011, Binh Duong University held the annual meeting of the Science and Training Council. Prof. PhD. Tran Hong Quan, former Minister of Education and Training, Chairman of the Association of non-public Universities, Colleges; E. Prof., DSc. Cao Van Phuong, Academician, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the University, with the participation of professors, associate professors, Doctors of Philosophy, consultants, commissioners, member of the Scientific Council, of whom there were the leaders of Vietnam universities and the Russian Academy of Science.
In particular, invited Guests were representatives of departments and branches in Binh Duong province.

In 2010-2011, Binh Duong University has continued to improve programs, objectives and methods of education, promote scientific and technological activities in the faculty, institute, center, department and sections. Particularly, Scientific research by the students is being expanded and intensively consolidated. In the past year, the University held a commencement ceremony for 3,801 students, of whom there were 43 full-time masters, 1,637 engineers/ bachelors, 448 full-time graduates at college-level, 1,142 graduates at  intermediate-level and 548 bachelors of irregular education. Regarding the development of teaching, the university recruited and now trains 34,288 students at all levels. The university is greatly focused on the activities of scientific research, in which there were 07 university-level research projects by teachers, with a total cost of not less than one billion vietnamese dong, and 56 university-level research projects by students at a cost of more than 150,000.000 Vietnamese dong. Domestic and international  cooperation between Binh Duong University and educational institutions has actively contributed to the construction and development of Binh Duong University. At present, Binh Duong university has relations with over 10 universities and research institutes in the world, including countries such as  Russia, the United States, Thailand, Korea, China ... and more than 11 universities, colleges, research institutes in Vietnam. The organizational structure of Binh Duong university includes a team of 960 regular staff, of whom there are 360 officers with qualified academic level, professors, doctors, masters and  bachelor degrees.  

The conference also included development orientation for the coming year. In 2011-2012, Binh Duong University will continue to research, deploy training as well as scientific and technological activities, improving the target program, content, methods, intensively strengthening the training joint program and scientific research. Reinforcing the organization and investing in the construction of facilities to ensure the necessary conditions for effective implementation of basic and comprehensive innovative programs of academic, scientific and technological activities.

At the meeting, council members discussed the long-term and short-term tasks, in which focus is placed on maintaining stability and development of activities of the council; members were determined to seek solutions that promote the strengths of the university and give perspective on the practical matters for the society in the up coming years.

Speaking at the meeting, E. Prof., DSc. Cao Van Phuong, Academician - Chairman of the Scientific Council of the University highly appreciated the enthusiastic comments by members inside and outside the university and would like to thank each one for the participation of the delegates.  He would also like to  confirm the intent of the Council of Science and Training to advise the University on issues related to science, training and technology, and suggests the council members advise the president of Council on methods of work in each area, creating a driving force for scientific research activities in staff, lecturers and students to actively participate in scientific research toward the  improvement of  qualifications.

Some pictures at the conference: