Philosophy of Education

People are born, each with equal rights to existence and development, wanting to exist and develop, every person must work effectively in order to have the provisions it takes to care for oneself, care for one’s family, care for society and care for nature – That is moral philosophy. That is to say, the moral virtue of mankind is appraised through 4-R letter as follows:
Responsibility for oneself
Responsibility for one’s family and loved ones
Responsibility for society 
Responsibility for nature
In order to accomplish this, everyone must learn without ceasing to practice. To learn and practice effectively, Binh Duong University facilitate the task of  learning of students by the method “mutual study” between teachers and students, students and students. The “mutual study” method is based on 4-H principle: (Hoc – Hoi – Hieu – Hanh), that is :
Learning in order to know how to learn.
Learning to know how to ask questions.
Asking to learn, asking to understand (asking to collect, handle and explore  information to settle problems arising)
Understanding correctly is the only way to apply knowledge correctly.
Correct application of knowledge is the only way to effectiveness.
Applying what one has learned with  effectiveness, one is  then able to: Take responsibility for oneself, take responsibility for one’s family and loved ones, take responsibility for society, then take responsibility for nature.

The general training objectives of Binh Duong university are :
Binh Duong university trains practical engineers, bachelors of economics, culture, society, sciences, technology, arts, foreign languages, informatics technology with good virtuous character, high expertise and good health to meet the need of the workforce and to contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam in the open – knowledge economy.  

Output standards of graduates  
Students of Binh Duong University should reach the minimum standards upon graduation as follows:
To have virtuous character through the 4-R principle (Responsibility for oneself, Responsibility for one’s family and loved ones, Responsibility for society, Responsibility for nature).
To grasp fundamental sciences in order to further their learning and research to higher level.
To be able to collect, handle and explore information in order to tackle professional and daily problems.
To be creative and critical in thinking
To be good enough at computer to use it as a tool for technical support or one’s work
To be good at English
To have good presentation and communication
To be skilled in administration
Objectives of Action at Binh Duong University 
 Bringing social potentials into play, we are determined to build and develop into a multidisciplinary economics university, training practical engineers and bachelors with high expertise through modern programs, practical fundamental training objectives in accordance with the socio-economic development of Vietnam, while integrating into the open education process.