Sports and recreation in Binh Duong province (Vietnam)

Binh Duong province (Vietnam) is rising to meet the development level of advanced countries around the world. And so, besides building a spacious infrastructure, types of services are also more focused. The amusement parks, resorts, cinemas, cafes and restaurants are built for entertainment, with professional services. For those who prefer to look for healthy sports like endurance training, there are many gyms and fitness clubs offering all types of exercise. In particular, traditional martial arts is promoted in schools by the Ministry of Education and Training. With the motto "To build health and safeguard the country," the official government bodies regularly organize local and national sports tournaments  to encourage staff members and students to exercise and build their health through their favorite sports. Like many agencies and organizations in the province, Binh Duong University (Vietnam) has established a lot of entertainment opportunities for students such as, the open, traditional and modern dance club and football and volleyball clubs.

In addition, Binh Duong University also has some classes of martial arts to give training of Taekwondo, Karate, Vovinam, Tay Son traditional martial arts, etc. ... in order for the students to improve their health and to maintain a  spiritual balance that ensures better learning. In addition, Binh Duong University also organizes football, volleyball, martial arts tournaments and has students attend national sports competitions. The organization of the playing field for students’ use is not only for improving health, but also for raising solidarity, sharing experiences and the constant learning of each student to educate themselves and improve one’s own personality and intelligence.
This confirms the fact that education in Binh Duong University, in particular, and in Vietnam in general, has a professional and modern orientation. A good and synchronized coordination of the individual and collective students, in the relationship between playing and learning, contributes to healthy development of the country as we catch up with the great powers of the world.

Some pictures of sports in Binh Duong University (Vietnam) 

Nationwide students football tournament with the participation of Binh Duong University students

Nationwide Student Taekwondo Tournament

Vietnam students volleyball tournament