Life in Vietnam from the eyes of tourists

Vietnam sounds like a strange destination with a little mystery to many tourists who have never visited the country. Some parents of international students only know Vietnam as a country at war more than 30 years ago, and worry if it could be dangerous. However, Vietnam has now replaced it’s old dress with a new coat made of pure nature and impressive people, from the asphalt-paved path to the best services and people, with a climate of "favourable rain and wind”, which is prefered by tourists. It would be the ideal destination for foreign visitors, especially students who want to study in Vietnam.
With two seasons (wet - dry) in the South and the four obvious seasons (Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter) in the North, a mild and pleasant feeling is created for everyone, including those who visit Vietnam for the first time. One of the pleasures in Vietnam is the cuisine.

There are nearly 500 traditional dishes in Vietnam. Food preparation is usually excellent and at very reasonable prices. Markets and supermarkets sell fresh fruits, meats and vegetables as well as rice, bread, spices and other ingredients. Currently, there is no shortage of restaurants with all types of dishes from most countries and at cheap prices. There are many street stalls which provide a diverse range of cheap food and drinks in all three regions of Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine is becoming known for its exquisite flavor, color and health. It is as diverse as Vietnam itself, with hearty soups and spicy foods in the north which are sweeter than the ones in the South.

In addition, there is quite a range of available accommodation with competitive prices. Foreign students can choose to stay in guest houses, which offer rooms with beds, wardrobe and desk, air conditioning and cable TV, at prices ranging from 200-300 USD per month. One feels secure with the national postal service country-wide, which often keeps extended hours, 15 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Express Mail Service (EMS) is available in major cities. International long-distance and domestic calls can be made at post offices. Mobile phone services and prepaid mobile phone cards are easily available.
Each city also has a general information service. We just dial 1080 which provides all the information you need. Internet is widely used in the post office and internet cafe. Transportation serves include buses, taxis and motorcycle service at anytime, anywhere to meet the traveling needs of all people.

Moreover, there is a series of health care offices and dental services available 24 hours /7days a week to meet health care needs of everyone who wants to have a check-up or treatment. In particular, the Government of Vietnam has attached special importance to the development of education for students. In addition to having access to a host culture, they are also being taught with the most advanced methods and content in all fields by  teachers who are constantly improving their own knowledge and are very sincere with the students.

It is Mr. Chuck Searcy – Representative of American Veterans Memorial Fund in Vietnam- who has  commented that living standards in Vietnam is not high in comparison with neighboring countries, but living in Vietnam is very comfortable and pleasant. “At work, I am highly appreciated by  the Vietnamese, who take much interest in me. They are enthusiastic and highly cooperative. I am an the only American in VVMF office and the remaining staff are all Vietnamese. Our work is effective due to the cooperation of Vietnamese colleagues. We live together very well. When I have free time, I often go to pagodas. Not only in big cities, but also in the villages, there are pagodas and churches which are beautiful and reverant.  

Many people go to pagodas and go sightseeing there. Not only Vietnamese people but also foreign visitors who visit are received with a cordial welcome. In the country, the people live in comfort and are the safest in the world, even compared to big countries around the world. Visitors can go out late at night without fear of being waylaid. Although life in the Vietnamese countryside is still poorer than in the city, it is very pleasant.
I have witnessed rapid development in Vietnam. Compared to the time when I first came here, everything has seen dramatic change. In the past, procedures were complicated, I had to declare everything when I went somewhere. Today there are no such troubles. When  I first came, with everything from electricity to water, taxi hiring ... there were difficulties, but today,  telephone, e-mail and everything else is available in full, and in general, cost of living  is very cheap.