Why do international students choose Binh Duong province (Vietnam) to study ?

Binh Duong province (Vietnam) is a place where the ancient and modern culture is the ideal destination for foreign students. With more and more qualitative and quantitative development of education, especially in higher education, Binh Duong province (Vietnam) is the choice of many international students when they want to find a country to study.
The people are very friendly and the culture approachable. In particular, there is  a learning environment with the teaching quality being gradually recognized according to international standards. Binh Duong province (Vietnam) has the largest industrial development investment in the country, attracting an abundance of human resources. It is also home to a unique and rich civilization.

The reform policies have brought significant changes to this land which provides for continuous development and modernization while still preserving the ancient culture of the people, the outstanding hallmarks, not only in Binh Duong but in all other regions of Vietnam which want to attract  visitors, especially international students who want to learn culture and know the people of Vietnam.

As a South-Eeastern province (Vietnam), the road system is nicely built to connect the provinces and cities and easily lead to other parts of the country.  This creates the conditions necessary for international students to visit beautiful places and to learn the cultures of all areas of the country. In particular, there is no denying the fact that the cost of studying and living here is quite affordable. Communication services, transportation, food, accommodation and medical care are readily available with personnel who are quite attentive and friendly, at low costs.

Furthermore, international students study at Universities here with low tuition fees but are trained to international quality standards. These are good conditions for international students who are in some places which do not have  high living standards and can come here to study. But those are not the main reasons that international students arrive here. Binh Duong province (Vietnam) is  strong in economic development. There are the spectacular landscapes characterized by cultural traditions of various trade villages. In particular, this is a province with a revolutionary tradition of resounding victory.

Binh Duong province originated from the forerunner called Song Be Province (Vietnam). In the past there were a lot of people who shed their blood to keep their beloved land. Coming to Binh Duong province (Vietnam) we can receive two streams of culture, one from Binh Duong new city, which is built on an advanced and modern basis, but, on the other hand, walking around the outskirts, we can easily see the blue paddy fields and well-known rivers with glorious history.
International students will better understand the ancient and modern characteristics of the quiet land, with the name of Binh Duong province (Vietnam), a perfect basis for better understanding the culture in Southeast Asia through its holidays and festivals.

Binh Duong University gives multi-disciplinary training

Rural lacquer village scene of Binh Duong province (Vietnam)

Traditional pottery village of Binh Duong (Vietnam)

Rural beauty of Binh Duong province (Vietnam)