Science Council

1 Prof. People's Teacher Tran Van Giau Advisor
2 Prof. PhD. Tran Van Khe Advisor
3 Prof. E. Nguyen Van Đao Advisor
4 Prof. PhD. Tran Hong Quan Honorary president
5 DSc. Đang Vu Minh Advisor
6 E. DSc. Cao Van Phuong Rector – President of Management Board
7 Prof. DSc. Panac A. I Dircetor of Wireless Technology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Commissioner
8 Prof. E. Fer Di Nand Mktchan Russian Academy of Sciences – Commissioner
9 Prof. Krapivin V. F Wireless Technology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Commissioner
10 Prof. Klymov V. V Wireless Technology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences – Commissioner
11 Prof. Sakurai Yumio Tokyo University - Japan
12 Prof. PhD. Pho Ba Long American University  – Commissioner
13 Prof. Mac Đuong Commissioner
14 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Hong Đao Vice Rector – Vice President
15 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Van Ut Commissioner
16 Associate Prof. DSc. Tran Tan Loc Commissioner
17 Prof. DSc. Vo Thanh Thu Commissioner
18 Prof. DSc. Hoang Thi Chinh Commissioner
19 Associate Prof. DSc.Nguyen Van Thanh Vice Rector  – Vice President
20 DSc. Đo Van Nhon Commissioner
21 Associate Prof. Đao Cong Tien Commissioner
22 Prof. DSc. People's Teacher. Truong Minh Ve Commissioner
23 MA. Nguyen Van Rua Commissioner
24 DSc. Cao Viet Hieu Director Academic Dept -  Permanent Commissioner
25 Associate Prof. DSc. Bui The Cuong Commissioner
26 Prof. DSc. Pham Đuc Duong Commissioner
27 Prof. DSc. Le Van To Commissioner
28 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Xuan Man Commissioner
29 DSc. Ta Anh Tuan Commissioner
30 DSc. Tran Anh Tuan Commissioner
31 PGS. TS Đinh Lê Thư Commissioner
32 MA. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen Commissioner
33 MA. Duong The Phuong Commissioner
34 DSc. Tran Ngoc Hoi Commissioner
35 PhD. Meritorious Artist.Nguyen Thi Bach Tuyet Commissioner
36 Prof. DSc. Ngo Van Le Commissioner
37 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Cong Đuc Commissioner
38 Dsc. Nguyen Khac Cuong Commissioner
39 Historian. Nguyen Khac Thuan Commissioner
40 Dsc. Tran Thi Ut Commissioner
41 Associate Prof. DSc.Nguyen Boi Khue Commissioner
42 MA. Tran Kim Hang Commissioner
43 Dsc. Tran Huy Long Commissioner
44 DSc. Tran Trong Khue Commissioner
45 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Van Gia Commissioner
46 DSc. Vu Cao Phan Commissioner
47 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Van Con Commissioner
48 DSc. Hoang Nghia Son Commissioner
49 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Mong Giao Commissioner
50 Associate Prof. DSc. Nguyen Dung Commissioner
51 Associate Prof. DSc. Tran Thanh Trai Commissioner
52 Prof. DSc. Nguyen Cao Menh Commissioner
53 Prof. DSc. Nguyễn Hữu Anh Commissioner
54 Prof. DSc. Nguyen Thi Canh Commissioner